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1. THERE IS ALREADY too much carbon dioxide in the air.

2. IF WE STOPPED ALL EMISSIONS NOW we would still be in trouble and the chance of doing that in less than 30 years is close to zero.

3. WARMING IS SELF REINFORCING. The warmer it gets the more greenhouse gasses are released. The million or so acres of tundra in Alaska and Russia will melt and release methane which is 27 times worse than carbon dioxide, although it doesn't last nearly as long.

4. THE OUTPUT OF CARBON DIOXIDE IS INCREASING. Europe is not meeting its Paris obligations (which are already inadequate); China is building more coal fired power plants (the worst kind); and the biggest disaster or all, the US is stopping ALL restrictions and increasing its CO2 output because of the unbelievable incompetance of its president.

5. WE ARE GOING TO HIT A TEMPERATURE WE CANNOT RECOVER FROM (A TIPPING POINT). Our grand children and great grand children will need to spend hundreds of trillions of dollars to survive. There has already been another impact in that a number of Alaskan towns have had to be moved because of the melting of the tundra on which they were built.

Despite efforts to reduce emissions the amount of carbon added to the atmosphere continues to increase, primarily from two sources: Chinese coal fired power plants and the recent American decision to suspend all supression activities. In my opinion this singular act has a significant liklihood of defeating all efforts to stop warming prior to the atmosphere reaching so called "tripping points."

1.5°C is the "safe" target temperature rise. We don't have a prayer of hitting that.

2.0°C is the far out risky target. It is very unlikely we will hit that. 3°C is more or less suicide, and that is what we are likely to do. Unless.

If you should see Deadly-Donald tell him his legacy will be as the man who destroyed the Earth.

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