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We Live in a Greenhouse

THE EARTH IS CHANGING. It is the most important problem of the 21st century because it can destroy our way of life.

It is happening right now, but for most of us, somewhere else. Or it is happening in a more subtle but just as serious way so we don't notice. It may be that winters used to go to -15°F and now they go to +15°F so it is still cold, but 30°F warmer and it doesn't kill the bugs that are killing our trees, which we need badly to clean the air.

We may not get it because scientists talk in a way different from what we normally hear. "It is highly likely...." really means,"There is no way that this is not going to happen." It means for us 100% certainty.

"It is highly likely that in the near future we may be facing catastrophic increases in climate anomalies...." means that for our children and their children the earth will be a very difficult place to live.

Houston, 2017 Hurricane Harvey

Houston, 2017 Hurricane Harvey

THE TRUTH IS WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE. Just ask the people of Puerto Rico where thousands died in hurricane Irma and virtually nothing was left standing. Or the people of Houston who got 50" (that's over four feet) of rain. Or the people in the towns in Alaska where over 30 towns must be moved inland because the sea ice that protected their coast is gone. We are in deep trouble.

I mean coastal cities flooded, wildfires, extreme drought, storms becoming still more intense, food shortages, people migrating from where it is unbearably hot to a little less so or where there is food.

Exactly when is a little harder. Much of it is has already happened. More will happen soon. Just ask the people of Puerto Rico or Houston, Texas. The latest reports are thousands dead in Puerto Rico and virtually nothing left standing. Sometime this century could mean tomorrow or in 30 years, unless we do some things that are almost impossible, and due to our president, every second makes it more imposssible.

Jim Hanson who is now at MIT and was NASA'S climate expert before that has said, and I quote: "the shit has hit the fan."

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