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It began about 150 years ago

HEAT CAN BE GOOD, OR HEAT CAN BE BAD. It depends on how much, how long, where and what is heated. In "global warming" it means heating anything on the Earth.

ON THE EARTH THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ARE: 1. the air; 2. water, especially the oceans, snow and ice; 3. the ground; 4. trees especially, but everything that grows; 4. people. (By the way, I have studied the climate but more important I have studied science: seven years and three diplomas from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and my mentor was Prof. Amar Bose. That is no guarantee, but the hours with Dr. Bose one on one and the study gets you off to a good start).

1. HEATING THE AIR IS WHERE IT BEGINS because it is the carbon dioxide (which is what makes bubbles in your soda) is heated by the sun and then either heats the land or reflects the sunlight back into space.

HOWEVER, BECAUSE THIS IS SO IMPORTANT I have put in two diagrams made by real experts: the first is for undergraduates. The second is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding. It's not necessary but very interesting science and it explains it better than I can. So this is the foundation and now we will take what it does on the next page.
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