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A WARNING. In 1988, James Hansen testified before the United States Congress about the danger facing our earth. We were polluting the earth's atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other gasses that were going to dangerously raise its temperatre. A feeble effort was made by the United States and the United Nations to deal with the issue.

ON JULY 4, 2018 thirty years later, virtually the entire planet set heat records and the rate of pollution was still increasing. During the 30 years only a fraction of what was necessary had been done. The number of egreious examples is stunning. The executives in charge of the largest oil companies testified they knew what was happening but did nothing.

CONGRESS KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING but did a tiny fraction of what was necessary. The community of the world made a feeble late effort with the so-called "Paris Accords." And the new president of the United States, had called the warming of the planet a "hoax" and withdrew the United States from the Paris Accords. And not too long after, his apointee, Pruitt, resigned from his position as head of the Environmental Protection agency, one of the most corrupt officials ever to serve in the United States government.

THIS MINUTE, AS I WRITE THIS I have received an e-mail from the Yale Climate Group reporting that the people of Colorado are wondering if the wildfires will ever end. Yesterday was likely the hottest day ever with heat records set all over the world. Hundreds of millions of people had their lives in danger because of the heat.

And another e-mail about insurance companies possibly refusing to insure certain fossil fuel companies. Scientists are talking about what will happen at the end of the century and beyond, yet I see every year being warmer than the year before. How long is it before we need air-conditioned suits to go outdoors. (You can see photographs and technical information by clicking HERE.)

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Red-hot planet- All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week (early JuLy 2018)

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