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Did Not Fulfill Their Responsibility to Humanity

THE FOLLOWING ALL, in my opinion bear differnet levels and kinds of responsibility for the climate catastrophe.

1. Scientists: for not speaking English: "It is highly likely...(with a confidence level of sigma 4.3)"... is not the same as "I am as sure of this as I am sure that I am here speaking to you."

2. Big Oil, probably the most vile, irresponsible and ultimately catastrophic and selfish for not revealing what they knew.

3. Educators (or the institutions they worked for) for not teaching reasoning and science enough or well enough.

4. All members of government for dropping the ball.

5. The media in general for dismal knowledge of science and for ignoring the most important story in history.

6. The The New York Times, perhaps the worst of all for dismal coverage until it was too late. Stories where scientists spoke of cataclisms were burried at the bottom of page 13. The editorial board obviously knows no science. This story deserved at least weekly front page coverage with either news or teaching the science of the issue.

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