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Monitizing One's Soul

THE EXECUTIVES OF BIG OIL knew the effect of carbon dioxide on the Earth. They assumed 5% of the responsibility was their's and the rest was the responsibility of the consumer. Then they advertized and employed public relations to discredit the effects of CO2. They had created a new level of sellout. One that I could not match, for when all the people were gone and the planet was uninhabitable, there was no further to go.

But that was eons away and so for today we keep things as they are and hold the fort for shareholderss. But our shareholders knew when Big Oil prospered they did too.

THERE IS SOMETHING HERE THAT CUTS DEEPER. To have a rich man sell humanity's home for the only thing he needs, which is the praise of other rich men for preserving shareholder value is an ultimum corruption of character.

NOW HIS DEAF AND BLIND SOUL will never know the price humanity paid and his soul will go on as before 'til the last molecule of CO2 warms his heart and the Earth's too.

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There are a few images mixed in with the tragic ones that are my own from 40 years of photographing the landscape, and which created a love of the Earth perhaps not for me in any other way.

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