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President Trump is the Key to the Keeping a Liveable Earth


We are at a very critical moment in climate change.

No one is meeting goals.

We no longer can meet the 1.5°C tipping point.

We have at best a 50% chance of hitting the dangerous 2.0°C tipping point.


President Trump is making it impossible by use of coal and INCREASING US emissions.

Republicians are now all Trump puppets so Congress can do nothing.

We should be doing coordinated research on negative emissions.

But there is no one to do the coordination.

When we pass 2.0°C we will be in danger of an out-of-control climate.

That will finish off any chance of a liveable Earth.

Thank you President Trump. You will have to live here too.

We have wasted 30 years since NASA scientist James Hansen warned congress what was happening to our planet. Since few nations are meeting their commitments to the Paris Accords and the United States, by promoting the use of coal, is increasing its emissions this can only be considered a criminal act and is opposed by all scientists.

The concentration of carbon dioxide has increased from its historical value of 285 parts per million (ppm) first to the limit of 350 ppm considered reasonable by scientists to its current value of 410 ppm, a value close to what might trigger an unpredictable climate with larger increases in temperature and deadly weather events. Some of these have already been experienced in droughts, wildfires, intense storms, flooding and intolerable temperatures up to 120°F and higher. The is hot enough to supress the growing of many foods.

If the growth in temperature continues, the ocean level will rise about 7 feet by the end of the century flooding most coastal cities. Our descendents will be saddled with recovery costs in the hundreds of trillians of dollars.

This is an extraordinarily important time. The critical tipping point of 1.5°C (a 1°C change in the Earth's temperature represents an energy input to the earth of about 1022 Joules). This critical temperature limit can no longer be met. The second and far more dangerous tipping point of 2.0°C has no more than a 50% chance of being met. After that it is impossible to predict how rapidly the Earth will warm and what weather disasters will occur. This is now complicated by the increasing release of methane, a greenhouse gas about 30 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Methane originates from the melting tundra and from frozen deposits in the deep ocean. It is possible that it will become as important a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide.

From my perspective the single most important problem is the lack of a powerful, well financed world climate authority. There are many scientific issues being addressed by scattered groups and some ultimately critical decisions and actions that must be made now and they cannot be made under present conditions.

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Simple mathametical polynominal extrapolations of NASA temperature data. This may appear naive, but more scientific approaches require so many assumptions that it is impossible to select the most likely to be accurate. This approach obviates those difficulties by looking at what has happened in the past and extrapolating to the future. The predictions are within the range of the various scientific models.

Comparison of proposed US emission reductions with the "Trump US 'with measures'" projection. This is catastrophic.

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