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Keeping Up


WHEN I BEGAN this website about seven months ago, I throught that by now I would be focused on finishing touches. Now I know that time will never come.

Most mornings I wake at about 4:30, have a quick gander at my iPad, check the Red Sox game the previous night and go back to sleep.

Now I have a quick look at my favorite newss sources, find an article or two or three on global warming and e-mail them to myself so they will be on my big computer downstairs waiting. Then I have to figure out how important it is, how reliable the source, etc. and decided what to do with it. Often it is no big deal, but this morning a new article about methane told me I hadn't given it enough attention which meant a new section rather than a paragraph and a link in some existing section.

Then over breakfast an op-ed piece in the New York Times got me a bit agitated and now I have to figure out what to do with it. The author, with a PhD in a related field had by now forgotten his "D."

Just re-read it. New section.

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