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What to Do
1. Appoint James Hansen as Provisional Head of The Authority

2. Hanson to Select Other Scientists to Aid in Establishing a Permanent Authority

3. The Permanent Authority Shall Request Funding from All Participantants, Individuals, Businesses and Governments Interested in Saving The Planet

4. The Authority Shall Urgently Develop a Stragetic Plan for Reducing Emissions, Doing Necessary Research on Negative Emissions and All Other Relevant Issues

THERE ARE MANY KINDS OF TEARS in the history of humanity. There are wars of every kind for every reason almost always bad but occasionally neccessary. A large war (and of course I have World War II in mind) requires infrastructure, leadership, intelligence, research and development, enormous manufacturing capacity and luck, lots of it. It would take many words to list those for WWII (although I mentioned a few before).

THE CLIMATE CRISIS IS VASTLY MORE DIFFICULT. There has never before anything comparable. It causes one kind or confusion or another to everyone who deals with it. It is a cause and a symptom. It happens slowly and rapidly. It is devastating or a nuisance. And it will it is likely to ultimately be a calamity unlike anything imaginable.

Recovery is not possible and leadership is absent as well. There is no infrastructure to start with. Yet every mention of negative emissions discusses deployment of hundreds of thousands of units around the world.

And the problem is very difficult for individuals to understand: "Did global warming cause that storm?" "How come its cool in July where I live." The fate of the Earth and humanity is at stake and few understand why. And fewer stll know how to teach it. And we have the most miserable administration in history.

SINCE THE PRESENTATION BY JAMES HANSEN to Congress in 1988 no action of significe has been taken by the American government, while each year the condition of the Earth's climate has deteoriated. It is no exaggeration to label the action of the various congressional scientific committees as criminal. Some members do not even believe in science at all. It is possible that there is no action of any kind that can be taken at this time that will result the survival of humanity and these members of congress share in the imbilicity that has brought this about.

ACCORDINGLY IT IS NECESSARY that the most agressive, uninhibited, well-funded, and decisive action be taken immediately. The first step must be the establishment of a World Climate Authority. James Hansen should be its first director although he may choose anyone he wishes to take on the responsibility if he so desires. Only the United States has the resources to implement such an authrity.

The authority should operatate under the guidance of a select, fully bipartison committe of congress. All members should have high levels of experience or education in relevant science disciplines. The director of the authority should have veto power over all prospets.

CONRESS SHOULD APPROPRIATE any funds requested. Taxes should be raised on the rich as necessary. The scamming conservatives describe this as a redistribution of wealth. How the hell did it get like this except for the ridiculous reduction of tax rates under Regan. Now the United States is owned by the rich and they therefore must fund the saving of the planet.

The Authority has be independent of all other departmentss of government except for relationships it chooses to establish. The Executive Branch shall have no authority whatsoever.

The core of the Authority should be operational by the end of calendar year 2018.

Qui curat cura terrae

care for the earth who cares for all

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