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DECEMBER 31, 2211

We are all a little surprised that it took this long after all that happened in the years before 2023. We have known for a long time that the phenominal struggle of eight years of Donald Trump when doing anything was virtually impossible.

In 2019, after the tornado front passed and decimated entirely Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa with not one thing left standing, that we had entered a new era. Many knew it before that time, but it had not sunk in for most. But after the TRUMPADOTORNWALL (or TORNWALL as we usually called it) everyone knew it was an all out cosmic contest to bring the climate back under control.

The effort, as you might expect to bring CO2 down from 650 was both heroic and impossible. Had we started even as late as 2100 we might have made it. But nothing we did could bring the gasses quite low enough.

So 9 billion people have died: of starvation, thirst, war, disease or suicide. We know that many heros tried to stop it. We also know that when Trump took us out of the Paris Accords that made the difference. We also know no one took Trump on a tour of the world's calamity spots. We know his position was not assulted in a language everyone could understand. We knew the congress was owned by the energy companies. We knew the energy companies could not pass up a buck. It is a failure of the human race. There is no word. "Tragedy" is a puny substitue for what has happened. Everyone waited for a savior. Evangelicals expected god to save us. But whatever god there might have been left it up to us. And we blew it. What do we do now? We die, one by one until no one is left but the stone memorials. We are just like our ancestors from the stone age. All we can leave behind are rocks with scratches on them. For some reason, beauty and joy, the whole point of the creation was not our goal. Power, control, money was the motivation. Comfort, wealth, an easy pleasant life. Millions to save one person. Not a penny to save a nation. So now we live, so to speak, with 160° as our average temperature, all food grown indoors with air conditioning. We all wear cooling suits outdoors and despite 9th generation carbon capture each year we go just as little higher.

So as all you know, last week the Congress voted that we would no longer have children, that life has reached a state where no one can be certain of surviving another year and children were suffering the most.

I have much more to say, but it is on your viewers and most of it has already been engraved in stone should anyone ever visit this planet. And the real goodby you will need to read in those stones. I cannot bring myself to say it out loud.

Of course, as we have planned for a long time, we have stored enough food and drink to celebrate until the last man or women. And we will view often the stunning stone memorial of apology and thanks to the Earth for its resilance and....

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