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Recovery? No.


ALL THAT HAPPENED in the war, however horrendous, could be recovered, even the number of lives in a generation or two. Cities such as Warsaw which had been pulverized were meticulously restored from drawings, paintings and photographs such that now Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

BUT A ONE DEGREE RISE in the temperature of the atmosphere, ground and oceans will cost hundreds of trillions of dollars and the damage to shoreline and cities will be beyond the scope of any restoration.

One degree does not seem like a great deal except that the energy to accomplish it is 1022 Joules (that is a 1 followed by 22 zeros.) That is about where we are now and although all hell has broken loose and we are nowhere near finished. It will get much worse, there is no unified plan to deal with it, slow it down, stop it or even make most people care about it.

THE CHART BELOW shows the jump in carbon dioxide once we started burning coal, oil and wood in large qualtities to get heat. The atmosphere had not changed for a long time, but it will never be the same again. The nearly vertical line at 1950 shows the extraordinary suddenness of the impact of burning fossil fuels suggesting that adaption and even awareness might be difficult. Although on this time scale the hit of CO2 seems sudden, the effect has been profound. So what has happened that most of us are oblivious to? Why did I say "we're screwed" ?

Below;:The Arctic, melted instead of frozen. 

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