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II. Introduction

From the Big Bang to a Piano Action--Unity and separation and unity again

It has puzzled me for decades that human beings were portrayed (or rather dismissed) as incidental because we lived in an "ordinary" solar system on the outer edges of an ordinary galaxy and couldn't compete with the spectacular brilliant glowing combinaations of gas,glowing galaxies and star clusters and so forth.

My reaction is perhaps best described by one evening of music.

I was at an artist's club in Boston in a small salon style room with perhaps 50 chairs and sitting in the second row because I do not hear well.

The performers were a rather unusual string quartet, then in residence in the nearby New England Conservatory. They were in their early 20s and had been brought from Israel about 11 years previously by Isac Stern. He had seaarched them out quite intentionally, although I do not know if they were already a quartet at that time. They then studied and played together at the NEC for 11 years prior to my hearing them. They were to play a Mozart and a Brahms string quartet.

I believe that most people I know would be bored at the idea of this kind of musical event. I anticipated it with enthusiasm. As they were about to begin I closed my eyes since I hear better that way and in a few seconds they played a single note, the beginning of the Mozart Op.....

The thoght that immediatey ran through my mind was that I had gone to heaven. The four instruments played as one and the richness of tone was something Ihad never heard before. And this continued for the next hour.

But this was not just the achievement of four superb musicians plus Brahms and Mozart. There were the teachers of the players (and, of course, the teachers of the teachers). But then there were the instruments.

"The violin is a vibratory system of such complexity that after many years of research it remains impossible to state exactly what qualities make up the sound in those instruments which are most admired." 1981 I cannot speak for violnists, but I am a reasonably accomplished pianists and have spent decades finding and then refining with with a very experienced technician, the sound and especially the playing qualities of the instrument, a 1917 Mason & Hamlin

This may seem strange as part of this introduction, but when I play Chopin or Gershwin or Schubert it feelsto me as if I can shape a phrse as if I were speaking or singing and this quality is the result o an "action" of about 27 pars for each note, and each action "regulated" to respond like every other. Each phrase I play seems to me that I am in touch with many parts of the universe, and in touch with everone who made this playing possible.

It has made me rethink my ideas about the purpose of the universe and especially a about the nature of sentience and consciousness.

It has also horrified to the depths of my being that people kill each other barely thinking about the suffering brought about by millions deaths, or of the loss by a family of the body wsshed up on the beach.

There is missing a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience by both the family of the child and by every person connected with his death.


I am born of the singularity and so am in untion with everything I see in the cosmos and everything i see and feel; we were once a unity; we have changed into annother form of that unity and we do not know this; and we have changed in a way that puts us on a precipace of loving knowing and caring for the creation or killing it. Killing the creation is killing ourselves litteraly and figuritively.

isolation is the greatest fear; it comes from not learning of the creation and a circumstaance of abandonment which leads to uninformed tribalisam. Isolation is the opposite of the unity that created us. Why we seek others like ourselves so we can bond as we were once bonded;but not realizeing the bond can be false and our job is to make it true in multiple ways, by putting ourselves in the others shoes and seeing and feeling ourselves at one with the creation an infinite universe from zero space and zero time but infinite energy;


THE LIST What ties the list together. Failure to bridge the gap; to put oneself in anothers shoes The failure to bridge the gap to nature; putting oneself in natures shoes in the creations shoes to be born of a singularity and not realize the impications the inevitabiit of life once the singularit happens

The tribalism of gods; for "God is Great" rather than I am great because I am born from the creation and my job is two things to know appreciate and love the ccreation and to care for the creation. To use apply exploit treasure, give from what the creation gave me by making me. Being of the creation and turning on it and destroying it. Making myself separate for the unity of the creation. Failure to "take a walk on the beach" like Rachael did, the failure to appreciate the gift to us of the sublime and to give the sublime we creeate to others. the faiuure to think without precondeptions in order to absorb that the creation has to teach us.

Failure to ingest, make one;s own, feel real the end of the earth as we know it; to deal with the possiility of a wrecking of so much of the planet that only a few people can live here and the calammity of the transition. Why, with a train aproaching on the same track, off in the distance but getting closer doesn't the engineer slow the train? becoming convinced about something without knowing anything about it the herd instinct; collosal lack of scientificc knowledge; of reasoning capability; of standing up to a group as a lone member of a tribe; no "lets think about this"; tribal assumptions governing everything; subject to the infuence of money, status, a place to go, a family to leave. guns why so different than other countries; the wild west; the thrill of someing for doing practically nothing The subime thrill of using all of ones mind to creating something beautiful especially in compansionship The need to take all that one can get without concern for who you are taking it from; the inability to see the humanity of another; the willingness to hurt or even kill another to get what you don't want or need. separation on the basis of ones skin color taking over a country wihout concern for what it does to others the tribal instinct: all for one and one for all rejecction despite deep hurt; a willingness to hurt for no reason an incomprehension of the hurt in another; the failure to feel that hurt; the focus on ones home tribe failure to be aware of the unite of humanity; what drives the creation of a tribe religion, god and its influenccee; failure to appreciate that the other tribe is saying the same thing without the oncept that how coud both be right; The corruption of religion; why does got need glory the real satisfactions of life and the cost/path to achieving them uttuer failure to know the infinite grandour of what gavee birth to us the uttter failure to realize what we have between our ears and what it can give us if we use it the willingness to usse it without thinking of its effect upon others. Motivation: why am I writing this; why do I think I have something to say; what do I think I know; what do I know I don't know my hatred for unveerified certainty in others The sublime please of a fine art commmunication why we can kill so easily and in such quantity why do we need to start wars and never put ourseves in the shoes of our enimies and the collocal suffering it causes the willingness to be isoationed in our own comfort zone despite evidence that suffering, threats, are going on around us the failure to take into our beings the grandour of who and what we are the misconception of what "god"is; How we use god to differentiate ourselves

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