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Ethics and Morality

There is an underly morality of being wealthy and avoiding taxes. It comes in four parts.

1. Support of a government that pushes more wealth in the direction of the wealthy.

2. An unverified assumption that "we don't need them; why should we support them."

3. Extreme avoidance of tax payments: offshore fake corporations, etc.

4. A government that fails appropriately use wealth to support the poorer who support the wealth by doing the more difficult work.

First, let us, for the sake of humanity do away with the following words: regulation, liberal, middle-of-the-road, and conservative.

Let us try focusing on the words, just, equitable, and workable and build a society on the concepts these words imply.

It is rather straightforward. We must do the following:

1. Embrace the concept behind "in another's shoes" and apply some form of the golden rule.

2. Create required "civics" courses at all levels in our educational system that deal deeply and frankly with these issues. These courses, designed by the most enlightened of our society are to be a requirement of public and private schools and of home schooling.

3. Apply the principles examined in these courses (note that I did not say "taught" in the sense of ramming them down a student's throat) in our governments and society

Then, note that this will likely prove impossible because we have already crossed the "no turning back" line.

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