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It has been 30 years this week (late June 2018) since

James Hansen testified about the coming cataclism of global warming.
Although much as been done about renewable energy the much larger problems of current emissions and the increased concentration of carbon dioxide from 350 ppm (1988) to 408 ppm in 2018 is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

It is now nearly universally accepted that this extra 58 ppm must be REMOVED from the atmosphere if we are going to avoide storms, flooding, fires, and disease of demonic proportions. Yet there is no coordinated effort along the lines of the Manhattan Project of WWII to solve the "negative emissions" problem which would help clear the air of carbon dioxide. There are small efforts of uncoordinated research that cannot be scaled up sufficiently.

Only the United States has the resources to do this and our president consideres global wartming a "hoax." Such stupidity and potential ruin of the Earth is without comparison in the history of the human race.

I have tried in this website to communicate the technical issues but also the cosmic issues of the preciousness of our Earth, its sublime beauty and our incomprehensible destruction of it for the sake of profit. If there is a judgment day, I hope I get lost on the way there.

The only solution is that our congress grow up and to what is neeeded. Click RECOMMENDATIONS.

what must be done

1. CARBON DIOXIDE IS NOW 408 PPM. It passed the critical tipping point of 350 ppm in 1988.

2. IF CARBON OUTPUT CONTINUES AS IT IS most of the coastal cities of the world will be flooded and unusable by the end of the century. What happens after that is anybody's guess.

3. SINCE THE EXCESS CARBON that is already in the air will cause serious problems on its own, it must be removed, a herculian task.

4. WE MUST CREATE A "MANHATTEN PROJECT" research program to dramatically improve our ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

IF WE DONT DO 1-4 OUR GRAND CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LEARN THEIR ABCs. The world will be too devastated to make normal life possible.

About the author:

John Wawrzonek is a graduate of MIT (63, 65, 67) with degrees in engineering and solid state physics. His mentor was Prof. Amar Bose and he was the fifth employee of Bose Corporation where he worked in engineering, quality control and marketing for 23 years. His first project was a contract for NASA on power engineering for electric vehicles. He is a member of Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi. After leaving Bose he became a fine art landscape photographer and printer (wawrzonek.com) and took up study of climate change, partly as a result of noticing changes in the landscape well before it became a widely recognized issue.
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