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Earthrise, Apollo 8, December 1968

This image is the first "earthrise" photograph ever made. It was taken on the first manned trip to the moon on a mission that was not supposed to happen. It did happen because of a cold war race with the Russians. It happened on Christmas 1968 and was not scheduled until later in 1969 but that would have made John Kennedy's commitment "to land a man on the moon and bring him back safely in this decade" impossible. This flight was to orbit the moon several times. Hundreds of thousands of people worked on it. It was a tour de force of technical mastery and courage. The entire flight was perfect except for a minor tussle of whether or not to take this photograph and who was to take it. But it was visible only out of Ander's window. I sugget clicking on the link and reading all of the account in the Smithsonian.

We first learned of the danger of our making so much carbon dioxide in 1962 when physist Edward Teller spoke to the oil industry at their 100th anniversary celebration. But this is not the earth we live on because of the damage we have done to the earth since 1968.

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