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About This Website

About 15 years ago I first read of global warming.

My immediate reaction was that our civilation was finished. The article described the possibility of positive feedback from release of methane as the tundra melted. To an engineer the result is usually referred to as thermal runaway. It is not clear that this has not already begun.

There is a host of issues reflecting how our society has developed that make dealing with our problems difficult, if not impossible. For better or worse, I have compelled to contribute what I can and this website is the result.

However, the issues that seemed most critical keep changing. At first it was guns, then global warming, and now, these issues seem to have been swallowed by a larger whole.

To make this website something I could eventually lay aside and restricted enough that I hopefully say something useful about each issue required some culling, but hopefully results in something useful.

Never before has humanity faced such a serious set of problems. It is a perfect storm of ignorance, mistakes and corruption. Below are the eight I consider most important followed by a list of additional topics that I discuss partially or not at all.

Most Critical Issues

Other Issues:

1. American withdrawl from the Paris climate agreement.

2. No centralized climate research and enforcement authority

3. Multiple catastrophic climate policies.

4. Dillusions of capability.

5. An implicit endorsement of racism, white superority, and Natzism.

6. Institutionalized greed that leaves children to die for lack of medical care while billionaires add more billions to their wealth.

7. An international political swing to the right that reduces personal expression and increases discrimination.

8. An obvious invitation by Donald Trump to the Russians to meddle in our elections.

9. A failure to commit to enforcement of gun laws.

10. A complete devestation of the social concept of reciprocity.

11. A complete irrationality of behavior

12. Conceptions of science that are best desribed as a joke.

13. And Many More

As I have trembeled at the way we are dealing with this situation I have felt more and more that some of the most important science was not known or being ignored.

I have also seen, that despite having the scientific knowledge it was being ignored and edging us closer to disaster.

Also, as we approach an election I am incredulous at the failure off the canidates to express clearly, independent of politics and policy just what kind of life we should be trying to give to the people of our nation.

Without a clear expression of what LIFE is, we cannot make fair, just and intelligent choices. For that we need all the intelligence of which are minds are capable.

My purpose is to provide in one place information that is not taught in schools but should be part of the discussion.

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