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A Blind Mirror

When You Look And See No Reflection

There are personality problems, intellectual problems, limited thinking capacity and there is Donald Trump. Which brings us right to the mirror.

Donald Trump knows, but he cannot see. He listens, but cannot hear. He has an ego the size of the Milky Way, but I believe lives in terror. When he reflects on the terror, he feels only a need for adulation. A man without a reflection has burried his soul so deeply he can no longer reflect upon himself, upon others or, for that matter about anything. If he cannot make a “deal,” he vanishes, not in body but in every other way that matters.

Have you ever known a person who declares to know more of everything and can praise or chastize a person only by calling that person names. I think this is one of the greatest, and most dangerous disconnects of all time.

There are only a few instances I can judge personally and those have come when he ventures into science. He follows his intuition which is whatever pops into his head, like how an aircraft carrier should be powered, so he can make a grand prouncement without knowing anything at all. And, outside of trying to make deals, that is how he functions.

Intelligence in unfamiliar circumstances requires, perhaps above all, a capacity for knowing what you do not know, and then trying to learn from whomever you can. It is difficult, because with no backgrounnd or experience you cannot judge your teachers. So you must have many teachers and slowly begin to sort out the truth from the guesses. Guessing about a world in turmoil, but especially about a planet in a death spiral is more than a historic disaster. It is a unique place in planetary history.

A President Who Wants To Be King

It is no longer just climate change:

It is tribalism and so it is everything.

This website is titled “caringfortheearth.com” and was intended to deal with climate change. However, my task is longer just climate change but the long arc of civilization itself.


The first words I heard from him were “I’ve been hearing things,” referring to the place of birth of Barak Obama.

No adult in a responsible position would act as if spreading a rumor, yet this was an indication of standard procedure for the president. It is as if he were walking with a big pack of note cards on his back and he spread them as he walked, spreading facts and counter facts or just plain lies. This is how he gathered his flock. On the note cards was something for everyone, and since all politicians have neglected much of middle America they fell for him as long as he said somthing they liked. This situation is the fault of Republicians and Democrats, for this was the neglected middle America and neglected people need affermation, they need something to rally around. And this is especially true for people struggling economically and feeling they have no champion in Washington. And so Trump Tribes have formed. As long as one thing (no legal abortions if you were an evangelical) and you had your tribe and tribes are fundamental to humanity.

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