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Part 6

Not Teaching What We Know

I'm starting to believe this is the greatest calamity of all.

Time to make a list.

Why? Different parts of our civilization move in different directions at different speeds. This is for many reasons, but one of them is NOT that we are biologically different. At least as far a reading genomes has come and other studies, we are pretty much all the same, except, and this is a whopper: where and how we grew up. This changes everything.

Amar Bose used to say to me, want to know someone's religion, ask where they were born. About 90% accurate. So there is not a single all powerful god, no matter what the scriptures say, it is the one that a particular one created.

That is just the beginning. For some people, with the right education this will mean someething immediately. For others, thouogh no fault of their own, it is just where they were born would fight you to the death that it is their god that is the real god. Within Christianity, which I know better, we can go from poverty monks to the prospeerty gospel and the glass cathedral.

We believe what we want to believe because somehow it elevates us, I presume, in the culture in which we live. However, on a world-wide basis it contributes enormous calamity. And it is something a corrupted person like Donald Trump can exploit.

I was just reading a few minutes ago in the NY Times about race relations in a school in Auburn, Maine that had accepted a large number of refugess a few years ago. Few problems until Trump comes into office and he makes it ok to be Nazi, white supremisist, anti-Isamic, and so on. This is full-on evil. This is dividing humanity for no reason, and Trump believes what he wants to believe. So what do we not teach?

1. We are, for all important purposes, genetically the same.

2. We are all Africians. All our ancestors migrated from Africa 50-100 thousand years ago.

3. Our color is determined by how far north our ancestors migrated. Further north, evolution causes us to loose the melinen in our skins that darkens us so we can made enough vitamin D with less sunlight.

4. Our psychology carries a lot of baggage, some good and some not, from having evolved in hunter gatherer tribes.

5. Evolutionary psycholoty tells us we need to be in some kind of tribe; a community, a church, a neighborhood, an organization, an extended family and that tribe can be for good or not.

6. There are good leaders who work for the welfare of all. And their are those who work for whatever they please inluding their own wealth and power. This may be a carry over from the roles their ancestors played in tribal days.

But there are no leaders, religious, political or otherwise, who know enough psychology and science to challenge all civilized nations to be what American was ostensably going to be.

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