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Average Pay about $500,000

Average Pay about $11.03 per hour

Average Pay, perhaps a little less than $500,000

This is an unbelievable problem in all societies, but particularly in Ameraica. The ratio of the CEO to the cleaning lady is 23:1. Why?

In plain English the CEO and his buddies in congress have rigged it that way. Minimum wage is plainly poverty. Is this fair?

Well it is likely to get worse? Unions tossed out. Labor regulations clearly favoring the wealthy.

There aretwo ways to argue this. The CEO simply makes as much as he can and tough shit for the rest of us.According to the Constitution and the Declaration of independence we are all created eqqual. All three people here have the same core of geneticss and, depending on how they grew up, similar potentialse. Why doesn't the cleaning lady have such skills . Her mind is just as good. But here home life wasn't beautiful, her parents got minimjm wages and our selfish conservatism refuses to acknowledge here value.

There are many jobs that mut be done for these two executives to do theirs. Cars need to be built, roads repaired, medicines and health car provided, clothing to be made and sold, pot holes to be filled and on and on and on.

We are response for those who make our lives possible to make all lives first, bearable and then enjoyable by just apportionment of wealth.

Justice demands that every person earn enough to pay for clothing, shelter, food, to get health car, to afford an education and so, if drudgery is their day, in the rest of their time, joy is possible.

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