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Part 3

What You Choose to Do With Your Life

click on the picture and listen, carefully

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Is there anything more important than choosing what to do with your life?

I was very luckly, and luck helps. My professor at MIT offered me a job doing what I wanted to do.

Dr. Fauci was a bit more careful. But he was luckly too. He knew what he wanted to do, and he was smart enough and worked hard enough to become a doctor and a researcher in infectious disease. His work saved millions of lives in Africa and countless more lives here.

What can you say about such a man? He definitely gave up much larger saleries, perhaps directing hospitals.

He was also lucky to have great parents. But it was his choice to look hard at his life and the lives of millions of people he could save. They don't come any better than this.

There is another story that goes along with this one. The previous head of the Harvard Business School set his policy to teach his students how to make the most money. Then you hear of Wall Streeters comparing the number of millions they earned, and one was disappointed that he brought home $500,000 less than the man next to him. Can you think about saving millions of lives in comparison. It says a great deal about the kind of country we have.

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