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NWQ background 2019 94 09 Photo Sharing & Video Hosting by SmugMug :D Gift SmugMug Search for photos SUPPORT Pretending to look knowingly. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Creation Exists for an Informed, Intelligent and Inspired Life NEXT Part 1 The Search for Life There is a great arc to civilization. Ours began about 10.75 billion years ago with the Grand Singularity (usually called the big bang) that began space and time. It feels odd that we cannot ask what happened before the big bang because there was no "before" (string theory we will leave for another time).Everything that there is eventually came into existence from the energy in the Singularity. Every person, planet, star, galaxy was created from the energy in this singularity and after millions of years of evolution was every human brain. However, this has lead to a great problem. The relatively new science of genetics has found that for all practical purposes all human brains are alike, with no differences on which to base the structure and rules of society. However, there are great differences in appearance, especially color and for reaons we will explore this has caused enormous problems for civilization despite the fact that all our ancestors came from Africa and color was primarily determined by how far north our ancestors migrated, for less sun reuired a lighter skin to produce enough vitamin D. There are threde more problems that affect all of humanity: a failure to define what kind of life should be the right for each individual and the nature of societies that would provide for that right. Scientists, despite their search for a theory of everything, do not even try to talk about these problems. I listened some years ago to a neurologist attempt a discussion of consciousness. He ended up in the usual dead end. As he put it, there are hard problems and there are easy problems. The detection of gravity waves and the finding of the Higgs boson are easy problems, because there is a known path to follow and although it may have taken 1000 scientiests 50 years, both problems were solved. Then there are the hard problems: consciousness, intelligence, and sentience, which is perhaps the hardest of all. Sentience is how we form our experiences of life from two tiny ear drums and too very small pictures on our retinas. At this moment, good or bad, every object, color, texture, sound, voice is your experience of life, this kid of movie theater of continuous drama, joy, harmony, beauty and horror. These are the hard problems because there are no known paths between neurons firing and sentience. And so sentience, the most important part of our lives is mysterious and rarely talked about. No presidential canidate discusses joyd= and how every person should have a right to a life where joy, the crown jewel of sentience is possible and and there is enormous difficulty in apportioning the riches of society which make joy possible. Which leaves us with two final problems. Without an agreement of what Life (with a capital L) should be, we fight over a pool of half truths, lies, presumptions and fakery. In a government of, by, and for the people we would discuss a version of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." But from day one that pursuit was a fraud, for America was being built by slaves. The final problem is the hideous mess we have made of our planet, esssentially ignoring its needs to the point that one could question its future capacity for providing for habitation. Ilc_9yr_moll4096-2

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