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The Most Important Word in the World

Reciprocity is more an idea than a word. It is part of all religions, but easy to forget. And you cannot go to war with reciprocity, at least not thinking about it the way god meant it. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples in the world's religions and philosophical writings, but I am going to give you what I think is one that is a little different, because it just popped into my head:

Give something beautiful, and be given something rare.
Be given something rare, and give something beautiful.

Be given something generous, give something precious.
Be given something precious, give something generous.

Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you.

Write one from your own life or your own needs.

Human beings do not realize how much science is known about our species, homo sapiens.

Our genomes are virtually identical and our color is a reflection of how far north our ancestors settled. So there is nothing except the appearance that has evolved in the thousands of years each has acuired since its emmegration from Africa.

I read recently of a person commenting on some black children who were not able to do what white children did. But white people do not realize the enormous impact that family income has on child development. And the knowedge that only a few generations ago your family were slaves. It is often impossible for a person of color to feel the confidence of a white person. The violence between groups, tribes, religions becomes an obstacle to being human. Reiprocity is part of the conversation.

People (like our president and many of his associates) need schooling in reciprocity and the meaning of humanity.

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